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Privacy Policy

In order to give you the best service possible, we may need to collect and process some personal data about you and your company. However, we respect your privacy and we are committed to protect it. This privacy policy contains information about what personal data we collect, what the key principles of processing the data are and what rights you have relating to your personal data. We adhere to the EU’s general data protection regulations (EU 2016/679) in the EU. CADMATIC also has business operations outside the EU. In those areas we adhere to national laws and regulations, while also adhering to the EU data protection regulations.

CADMATIC Oy and its daughter companies, hereafter CADMATIC, process your personal data in compliance with this privacy policy and applicable laws and regulations, so we ask that you read this policy carefully. We may make updates to this privacy policy from time to time associated with development of our business operations or changes in applicable laws and regulations. A notification of possible changes will be placed on our web page and we will inform persons in our marketing and customer register of the changes.

By using our services and website or contacting us, you accept that we process your personal data according to this privacy policy. If you do not accept these terms, we cannot provide any services to you.

CADMATIC has business operations outside of the EU and, as such, also has to process personal data outside of the EU. Outside of the EU we adhere to the EU’s general data protection regulations.

1. For what purposes is personal data collected and used?  

We collect, store and process your personal data only for predefined purposes. The main purposes for processing personal data are:

  • Targeting our services and know-how
  • Development of our web pages
  • eCommerce
  • Customer communications and responding to contact requests
  • Fulfilling our contractual obligations and offer operations
  • Fulfilling legal obligations and responding to legal claims
  • Development of our business

2. What data do you collect about me and from which sources?

We collect personal data about you when you are in contact with CADMATIC or you make use of CADMATIC’s web sites (including eCommerce) or later use our services or participate in our events. In addition, we may collect data from public sources and registers.

We respect your privacy and we are committed to protect it. More information about data storage security in section 5. We do not collect and store personal data related to political affiliations, religious orientation and health, or similar personal data.

Typically, we may collect the following personal data from you:

  • Name and surname
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • IP address
  • Your company
  • Title
  • Country
  • Areas of interest and purchasing history
  • Your actions on our web pages
  • Possibly other personal data

3. What is the basis for storing your personal data?

We make sure that we always process your personal data on the basis of the EU regulations. We may process your data on several different bases.

  • We may process your data to fulfil and execute a contract – in accordance with article 6, 1b, when we act obligated by the contract between our companies.
  • You are a potential or current customer and we offer you services. For this reason, we collect your personal data to further our legitimate interests in accordance with article 6, 1f. It is our legitimate interest to offer our services and operate and develop our business.
  • Your personal data, to which you have given your consent to us, is processed in accordance with article 6,1a.

3.1. Who processes my personal data and is it transferred to third parties?

Your personal data in our marketing and customer registers is primarily processed by CADMATIC personnel in the performance of their business-related duties.

We may also outsource some parts of the processing to third parties, such as the data systems used to store and process personal data. In these situations, we make sure with contracts that the confidentiality of your personal data is secured and data is otherwise processed lawfully. We conclude data protection contracts with our outsourcing partners in such cases.

We may also disclose information to fulfil our other contractual or legal obligations or when a legal authority requires a disclosure. We may also disclose your personal data if we are a party to a business sale, such as a merger or an acquisition. By default, CADMATIC does not sell personal data and does not disclose it to third parties.

4. Is my data transferred outside the EU?

Your personal information is stored in registers governed by the EU’s general data protection regulations. CADMATIC’s daughter companies outside the EU also have access to the registers. These companies adhere to the EU’s general data protection regulations. CADMATIC does not sell personal data and does not disclose it to third parties.

Possible other disclosures outside of the EU are only related to situations where the servers of our systems are located outside of the EU. In such cases, we ensure that your personal data is processed, transferred and stored as required by law and with sufficient security mechanisms. We also use systems that have servers outside of the EU. These services are covered in section 6.

4.1. How long is my data stored?

We will not store your personal data for longer than is necessary for its purpose or as required by contract or regulations. The storage times for personal data may vary based on its purpose and the situation.

Potential customer data is stored from a few weeks to several months and even years. Our customer data is stored for as long as the customership is active.

5. How is my data stored and kept secure?

Your data is stored on the servers provided by our service providers and on CADMATIC’s servers, which are secured according to general standards and practices. The personal data we collect and process is kept confidential and we do not disclose it to third parties, other than those who need it for their work or confidentially to our suppliers based on service and data protection contracts we have made with them. Access to your personal data has been protected with user-specific logins, passwords and user rights. All our service suppliers adhere to the EU’s data protection principles.

6. Provision of data

If you don’t want to provide us with your personal data or allow processing of it, we cannot serve you and fulfil the purpose of our business. If you don’t want us to process your data in accordance with this privacy policy, we ask you that you do not provide us with any personal data.

If you use our services that require registration, we oblige you to register for our services with your correct information.

7. Does your website use cookies and what are those?

We use cookies on our website to provide the best possible customer experience for our website visitors. Cookies are small text files that the web server places on the user’s computer.

The web page user can enable or disable the use of cookies in web browser settings. Several web browsers automatically enable cookies. By enabling cookies, we are able to develop our web pages and offer you the best possible user and customer experience.

With the help of cookies, you are able to use the functionalities of our pages and also access protected and registered areas. If cookies are disabled, certain pages or restricted and certain pages may not function in the right manner.

We make use of cookies to develop our services and web pages, to analyse the use of our web pages, and to target and optimize marketing. Cookies provide us with information about users’ behaviour on our web pages. Cookies are also used to ensure and maintain the technical functioning or our web environment.

8. What rights do I have relating my personal data?

Withdraw your consent

If we process personal data based on your consent, you can at any time withdraw your consent by notifying us by sending email to

Access to data

You have the right to confirmation as to whether we are processing your personal data and also to know what data we have about you. In addition, you have right to supplementary information about the principles of personal data processing. (Article 15)

Right to have errors corrected

You have the right to request that we correct any inaccurate, outdated or otherwise defective personal data we have about you. (Article 16)

Right to prohibit direct marketing

You have the right to request that your personal data is not processed for direct marketing purposes by sending us email to

Right to object to processing

If we process your personal data based on public interest or our legitimate interest, you have the right to object to processing of your data, to the extent that there is no such significant other reason that would override your rights or the processing is not necessary for handling legal claims. Please note that in this case we most likely will not be able to serve you anymore. (Article 21)

Right to restrict processing

In certain situations, you have the right to require that we restrict processing of your personal data. (Article 18)

Right to data portability

If we process your personal data based on your consent or fulfilling of a contract, you have the right to require transfer of the data you have provided to us or to another services provider in a commonly used electronic format.

8.1. How can I use my rights?

You can execute and use your rights by contacting us by sending an email to We request that you provide your name, email address as well as your and your company’s phone number. You should also be prepared to prove your identity, so that we may ensure that we are processing the right person’s information.

If you consider that the processing of your personal data is not lawful, you can always notify a supervisory authority. In Finland, the supervisory authority is the Data Protection Ombudsman.

9. Privacy Policy updating

We may update this privacy policy when our operations or privacy policies principles change or develop. Also changes in laws and regulations may make it necessary to update this privacy policy. The changes become valid once we have published them in the form of an updated privacy policy. Therefore, please visit this page and read this privacy policy from time to time. In case the changes are significant, we will notify users of changes on our web pages and inform users that are in our marketing and customer registers directly by email.

10. Who can I contact in privacy matters?

Ari Eronen

Tel. +358 400 352 581

Please send an email to for enquiries related to personal data corrections and changes as well as data requests.