Electrical Design Software

CADMATIC Electrical is a database-based electrical design CAD software used for electrical engineering. CADMATIC Electrical allows you to optimize and maximize your design output while saving time and delivering the best project quality possible. All your design and documentation requirements for any electrical, instrumentation, or automation engineering project are taken care of with integrated features. For more information about CADMATIC Electrical, please visit CADMATIC Electrical page.

CADMATIC Electrical is used in a wide range of industries and purposes such as building electrical design, marine electrical and automation design, and for the electrical and automation needs of process-intensive industries.

Electrical engineering excellence
CADMATIC Electrical is your trusted companion for electrical engineering tasks. This electrical CAD design software comes equipped with an extensive library of electrical symbols and the ability to create schematic diagrams, single-line diagrams, and wiring diagrams with ease. Whether you’re designing lighting systems or complex electrical arrangements, CADMATIC Electrical has you covered.

Streamlined documentation
Efficiently manage all your electrical documentation within a single, integrated design application. Generate comprehensive reports and lists in various formats, including Excel, CAD, and PDF. Create detailed panel assembly drawings in both 2D and 3D, complete with layouts of panels.

Manage all your electrical documentation centrally in one integrated design application:
• Schematics: Single line diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.
• Electrical arrangement drawings: Lighting and other systems + BIM
• Reports and lists: Excel, CAD, PDF
• Panel assembly drawing: 2D/3D, layouts of panels

Key technical features
• Generate and reuse options for efficient design
• Easy navigation supports intelligent data management
• Optimize teamwork with multi-user and database features
• Integrate with Excel, DIALux, and other Cadmatic design applications
• Global symbol libraries with more than 10 000 intelligent symbols (IEC, ANSI, GB/T)
• Centralized data management means you create data once, but for multiple uses; editing data in one place updates it in all occurrences
• Integrate all your BIM modeling and electrical, instrumentation, and automation documentation in one package
• One window to access all your project data. Check, supplement, and edit (also mass edit) all project data in a sophisticated and fast way

Choose the CADMATIC Electrical package that suits your specific needs
Choose the most suitable package for your needs or trial all three of CADMATIC Electrical versions for free for 30 days.

CADMATIC Electrical Lite is ideal for electrical and automation documentation on small projects. It includes basic CAD engine with common CAD functionalities and symbol libraries.
CADMATIC Electrical Basic is an advanced electrical and automation tool suitable for small to medium-sized projects. It includes advanced functionalities to aid electrical design process.
CADMATIC Electrical Premium is our top-of-the-range database-based and multi-user design software for electrical and automation engineering in large and complex design projects. It is integrated with other Cadmatic design applications.

What our customers are saying
Read how Melior Projekt used CADMATIC Electrical to design a shopping center’s electrical systems.
“CADMATIC Electrical’s centralized data management was critical in the design of the shopping centre’s electrical systems”
– Dmitri Gridin, Project Manager
Read how Markron reduced a two-week task to 30 minutes with CADMATIC Electrical
“What used to take 2 to 3 weeks can now be done in 30 minutes with modular diagram generation in CADMATIC Electrical”
– Jarno Snellman, Project Manager Makron

For more information about CADMATIC Electrical, please visit the CADMATIC Electrical page on the Cadmatic main website.