Information Management

Discover how Cadmatic’s efficient 3D viewer tool eBrowser can revolutionize your design project reviews. We offer both free and premium versions of with our 3D viewer tools for download, ensuring accessibility for all.

Seamless project review
CADMATIC eBrowser simplifies your project review process, making it a seamless experience. With our powerful 3D viewer, you can effortlessly explore your 3D models. Walk through models, combine multiple models into one, or perform detailed model comparisons with ease.

Comprehensive features
Unleash the potential of CADMATIC eBrowser as you check for collisions, pinpoint objects, inspect their details, take precise measurements, and even view laser-scanned point clouds. Collaborate effectively by leaving notes (markups) directly on the 3D model. For an immersive experience, integrate it with your VR interface to elevate your project reviews.

Compact file sizes
CADMATIC eBrowser offers the convenience of extremely compact file sizes, typically only around 10MB per project. Share your 3D models effortlessly via email or messaging applications such as Microsoft Teams.

Key Features of CADMATIC eBrowser 3D viewer:
• Stand-alone browser supporting various file formats, including EBM, EBMX (native Cadmatic formats), DWG, DXF, IFC, DGN, NWD, E57, PTX, DWF, and DWFx.
• Merge and compare 3D models, including metadata and clash checks, from different formats and sources, allowing you to subset parts of models.
• Utilize the collision detector for in-depth insights into your 3D models, combining models from various sources and ensuring consistency between disciplines.
• Upload point clouds with photorealistic panoramic views to facilitate design model comparisons with existing structures.
• Effortlessly navigate using 3D or model hierarchy, and access comprehensive object metadata with a single click.
• Control object visibility, transparency, and color settings.
• Utilize markups for efficient change management and discussions with project partners.
• Full support for VR interfaces.

Key benefits
• Virtually walk through your project to inspect object details.
• Easily merge or compare multiple 3D models, identifying design clashes.
• Facilitate discussions with project partners using markups.
• Load point clouds to compare new designs with existing structures.

Experience CADMATIC eBrowser Free
Explore the capabilities of CADMATIC eBrowser with our free version, offering a virtual walkaround experience and essential functionalities. Open eBrowser models and navigate through them using your mouse, keyboard, or the map function. Precisely locate objects and take measurements, including angles, lengths, and distances between objects.