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The ultimate 3D viewer and design project review tool. Ideal for designers, design managers, and project managers to review designs and collaborate with project participants.


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Licensing options Fixed single user licenseFixed single user license
Open, view and navigate in 3D models xx
Measure lengths, distances and customizable units xx
Measure angles xx
Clash detection and interference checking x
Examining objects and managing object visibility x
Viewing object details and using coordinate labels x
Checking for collisions of 3D objects and usage of VR mode x
Versatile Markups, with various features to allow interaction between users x
Clip Box to slice the visible model by user-adjusted cube x
Support for a wide collection of file formats: DWG, IFC, DXF, DGN etc. x
Moving, merging, and saving 3D models x
Usage of Point Clouds x


CADMATIC eBrowser makes project review a breeze. Walk through your 3D model, combine several models in one, or compare models with the powerful 3D viewer. 

You can check collisions, easily locate objects and check their details, take measurements, view laser-scanned point clouds, and leave notes (markups) on top of the 3D model. Use it with your VR interface to take project review to the next level. 

CADMATIC eBrowser file sizes are extremely small, only approx. 10MB per project! You can easily share your project 3D model via email or a messaging application like Microsoft Teams.

Why wait, download CADMATIC eBrowser now to optimize your project review and communication.

CADMATIC eBrowser  – key features:

  • Stand-alone browser with support for multiple file formats: EBM, EBMX (native Cadmatic formats), DWG, DXF, IFC, DGN, NWD, E57, PTX, DWF, and DWFx
  • Possibility to merge and compare 3D models, including metadata and clash check, from different formats and sources and subset parts of models
  • The collision detector inside eBrowser enables users to gain more in-depth insight into the 3D model, combine 3D models from different sources, and check consistency between disciplines.
  • Option to upload point clouds with photorealistic panoramic views to compare design models with existing structures
  • Efficient and straightforward navigation using 3D or model hierarchy, check all meta-data about any object with one click
  • Control visibility, transparency, and color of objects
  • Use markups for change management and discussions with other project partners
  • Support for VR interface

What our customers say:

“There is no other 3D communication tool more capable than CADMATIC eBrowser.” – Cor Lettenga, DEKC Managing Director

“We use CADMATIC eBrowser with a VR headset in design reviews. It helps to see with your own eyes what the solution will look like in the real world. The review process is smoother and faster this way.” – CMBernardini Engineering Manager Gianluca Coccato

“By using eBrowser we improve communication between the office and the site, not only during the construction phase but also during the commissioning and startup.” – Paolo Fantini, Technical Manager at STC Power

“eBrowser is powerful and the interface is easy to use. It is used throughout the whole concept, basic and detail engineering phase, but also in purchasing, sales, and production.” – Børulf Lefdal, Head of Hull Structure

Check out more reviews to see how our customers have benefited from CADMATIC eBrowser!

Please note: In case you are using a Microsoft Surface device, please purchase and download the CADMATIC eBrowser from the Microsoft Store only.


Technical requirements

Microsoft .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0

Frequently asked questions

Yes, with CADMATIC eBrowser you can load and combine more than one model. In addition, you can upload files from different file formats and save them in a single EBM/EBMX file. You can also move, rotate, and scale the model.

If the existing structures have been scanned with a 3D scanner and the data is available as point cloud files, you can open the point clouds and the 3D models of the newly designed structures at the same time to see how they match. In CADMATIC eBrowser, you can open point clouds from several different ASCII and binary formats, including the native Cadmatic formats CPC/CPD/CPE/CPX. Moreover, the user can open point clouds with the scanner position in a bubble view.

The license available for purchase on the web store is subscription-based, allowing you to acquire a license to use and update the software for periods of 1 month, or 1 to 3 years. If you’re interested in exploring different licensing options, such as a floating network license, we’d be happy to help. Simply fill out the contact form and our team will be in touch to discuss the available options with you.

It means that once you have purchased a subscription, you will receive an activation key that activates the license for the specific user who will use the license for a fixed period of time. In case the user changes to a new device during this period, the same license can be released and activated on the new device upon request once per year.

For assistance, please email us at

Yes absolutely. CADMATIC eBrowser allows you to load two models and compare them with each other. It can detect all the differences between the two models: moved equipment or other components; rerouted pipes, ducting lines, or cable trays; changes in dimensions, the geometric model, specifications, or component attributes. eBrowser generates a list of the differences, indicates the type of change, and highlights the changes in the 3D view.

You can use markups to add comments and status information on top of the 3D model. In Markup Mode, you can add information like title/creator/status/importance/comment. You can also add shapes, and lines, or draw freehand to highlight parts in the model. Markups can be shared by saving them in the EBX format.

Yes, the “Clip Box” allows you to resize the visible area of the model so that you can easily review all the objects inside a specific block or compartment.

Yes, you can open a collision report file exported from CADMATIC design tools and display the collisions in the 3D view. CADMATIC eBrowser can also perform customizable collision checks to investigate whether parts collide, either inside a model or between models.

No, your data is safe as it’s saved locally on your computer. You won’t lose any data if you decide to end your subscription and then renew it again.