CADMATIC eBrowser Free


Free 3D viewer and light project review tool. Has the core features of CADMATIC eBrowser. Ideal to view and share 3D models. 



EBrowser FREEebrowser
Licensing options Fixed single user licenseFixed single user license
Open, view and navigate in 3D models xx
Measure lengths, distances and customizable units xx
Measure angles xx
Clash detection and interference checking x
Examining objects and managing object visibility x
Viewing object details and using coordinate labels x
Checking for collisions of 3D objects and usage of VR mode x
Versatile Markups, with various features to allow interaction between users x
Clip Box to slice the visible model by user-adjusted cube x
Support for a wide collection of file formats: DWG, IFC, DXF, DGN etc. x
Moving, merging, and saving 3D models x
Usage of Point Clouds x


The ultimate 3D viewer. The free version of the project review and collaboration tool lets you experience virtual walkaround and some core functionalities.

You can open eBrowser models and walk through them using your mouse, keyboard or the map function. Easily locate objects, and take measurements such as angles, lengths, and distances between objects.

eBrowser file sizes are extremely small, only approx. 10MB per project! You can easily share your project 3D model via email or a messaging application like Microsoft Teams.

Why wait, download the free version of eBrowser and start virtually walking through your 3D models now.  

For even more powerful functions like combining different models, comparing models, doing clash checks and viewing point clouds see the paid version of the CADMATIC eBrowser.

“There is no other 3D communication tool more capable than CADMATIC eBrowser.” – Cor Lettenga, DEKC Managing Director

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In case you are using a Microsoft Surface device, please purchase and download the CADMATIC eBrowser from the Microsoft Store only.

Technical requirements

Microsoft .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0


Frequently asked questions

CADMATIC eBrowser is a 3D model viewer and design review tool for the engineering, construction, and operation phases of projects in the process and marine industries. You can use it to open 3D models of complex designs such as a power plants or passenger ships, and then virtually move around anywhere in the model. You can inspect individual objects, check dimensions between entities, and add markups to comment on the design.

Yes, you can use eBrowser on your computer as a stand-alone application. You can, however, also use it as an integral part of Cadmatic design tools, as an embedded viewer on a web page, or within a third-party application. eBrowser technology is also used to create the 3D view in CADMATIC eShare and CADMATIC eGo.

In addition to native EBM/EBMX files, you can open DWG/DXF/DWF/DGN as well as IFC and NWD files.

In the 3D view, you can use your mouse or keyboard to move around in the model, pan the view, rotate the camera, and so on. In normal navigation mode, you can walk (fly) freely anywhere in the model, whereas in orbit mode you can inspect a specific location by viewing it from different directions.

Yes, you can measure angles, lengths, and distances between objects in CADMATIC eBrowser Free.